Review of Behringer Vintage Delay VD 400

The Behringer Vintage Delay VD 400 is a vintage analog delay effects pedal from the house of Behringer. It has been designed to compete with all the leading products available today in the market. Its quality and sound is at par with the best in the industry. It is analog at its best. It is a simple yet amazing pedal which delivers a complete analog delay vintage echo like a higher end pedal would generate. The digital sound technology is very fast paced evolves rapidly but when we seek to hear the old school, there is nothing like the VD 400. It has separate and dedicated repeat rate, intensity and echo controls. This little stomp box has been used by many legendary musicians is part of the rock and roll hall of fame. The VD 400 provides up to 300 milliseconds of true analog delay. It is an amazing instrument which helps to play various types of classical delay and is also very easy to operate. The delay is best suitable for amateur recording, home studio performances and professional recording.

The design of the VD 400 has been kept very classical reminiscent of the era from which it belongs. The pedal can run on battery or power supply. However, the power supply is not included in the original package and needs to be purchased separately. The pedal has a blue LED which indicates the vintage delay and all the switches are efficiently designed for ease of operability. The price of the delay is also kept very reasonable which is in the reach for most musicians. The pedal is one of the best sellers from the house of Behringer and is available in the market. It can also be purchased online from a host of websites. It also comes with a 3 year warranty which makes the purchase even more worthwhile.


  • The Behringer VD 400 has a sleek dimension of 2.8” X 2.1” X 4.8” and weighs about 11.7 ounces.
  • It can be operated with 1 9V battery or r supply. When the pedal is working on the battery, there is a blue LED indicator at the top.
  • The delay is the best in the market as it gives a perfect analog delay and vintage slap- back echo.
  • The device is able to produce up to 300 milliseconds of delay.
  • It is a noiseless delay and hence allows for a very clear and holistic music.
  • It has a very top class off/on switch which allows the best quality of signal in the bypass mode.
  • It comes from the house of Behringer Germany and only the finest components are used which gives it a long life and a very durable nature- perfect for musicians for different types.lowest-price-match


  • The Behringer Vintage Delay VD 400 has dedicated Intensity, Repeat and Echo rate controls. They are designed to align and sync with the type of music being played and has very easy to use controls. It allows the musician to achieve awesome sound.
  • The VD 400 has been equipped with the finest quality of on/ off switches which allows it to achieve highest signal integrity in the bypass mode.
  • It runs on 1 9V battery or through the Direct Current power supply. However, the power supply kit is not included in the box and needs to be purchased separately. When the delay is running on the battery, it is indicated by a blue LED at the top.
  • The delay is designed with the best components and it gives a very clear noise less sound. The VD 400 is a very good buy and is at par with the best models available in the market today.
  • The delay is designed not to give anything fancy but does its job pretty efficiently. It does have a small effect on tone but the quality is fantastic. The design is kept very compact.
  • The VD 400 has been tagged one of the easiest pedal to use once a musician gets the hang of the controls.
  • One of the outstanding advantages of this delay is the price at which it is available. Compared to other products in the same category, it is one of the cheapest and hence lot of people can afford this delay. The very attractive pricing is one of the main reasons for its success over the years and remains an industry leader in its segment.


  • The VD 400 can be little confusing at first. The user manual is not of much help and it is left upon the musician to figure out the controls.
  • Another shortfall of the VD 400 i that it only has 300 milliseconds of recording at its disposal. Although there is no such thing as perfect, a higher recording space could have made things even brighter for this wonderful delay.
  • The body of the delay is made of plastic and hence looks less attractive than its peers. However, it never fails to deliver on the quality of sound and signal.Customer-Reviews


The VD 400 Vintage Delay from Behringer Germany is as perfect a delay as they come. It has all the features of a pedal and the finely built device is very reliable and easy to use for the musicians. It is the go to device which offers elastic delay and the vintage slap back echo. It is the right delay to achieve the music from the bygone era of 1960s. The attractive price at which it is available and the features it houses makes it an obvious choice for musicians across the globe. The delay is widely available in the market and can also be purchased online through host of websites. The VD 400 also comes with 3 year warranty. The sturdy and durable built of the pedal makes it an ideal choice for musicians playing in a band or solo. For musicians who want to relive the old school music, this pedal is the go to choice for all.

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